Hugh Johnston, the CFO of PepsiCo‏, has been Twitter’s top soda guy since April 8, 2016. But nearly 1.5 years later, Twitter has lost its big soda smarts to Microsoft. “Thrilled to join the Board of Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft),” announced Johnston in a tweet, “a company I have long admired.”

“Thank you @hughjohnston for your service. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors!” said Twitter guy and board chairman Omid Kordestani‏ today. Replacing Johnston is Google’s former money guy, Patrick Pichette. Kordestani‏ was also once a Google guy as well, suggesting, perhaps, that Google’s head guys could one day decide to acquire Twitter, if Twitter’s head guys decided they liked the Google head guys’ offer enough.

But what will Microsoft do with its new guy? Microsoft board guy John W. Thompson called the soda guy “a great addition to Microsoft’s board of directors.”

“And we look forward to working with him,” the board guy added.

Microsoft’s new soda guy will replace its old investment guy, G. Mason Morfit, who “will not seek re-election to the board.”